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A region rich, not only his silver, but in history and community.

The Hostotipaquillo region has a rich mining history. When first explored developed, the region was a rough outback wherein survival was a major issue. The Spanish scoured the country in the 1500’s looking for the richest areas to establish mines with slave labor. Only high-grade ore shoots were easily accessible and could be mined by hand. When silicified ore sections were encountered, the miners were simply not able to extract them. As a result, many areas within the old mines were abandoned in favour of easier targets.


Technical & Reports

The Santo Domingo silver-gold property (the “Property”) of Stroud Resources Ltd. (“Stroud” or the “Company”) has been explored by the Company over a period of 18 years with five drilling phases between 1999 and 2012 that totalled 45 diamond drill holes. 

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