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Stroud Resources Ltd. is a Canadian public company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange, trading under the symbol “SDR”. Stroud’s mission is to create shareholder value through the exploration and discovery of precious metal deposits. It has previously focused on an easily accessible, epithermal gold and silver projects in Mexico and Archean gold deposits in Canada.

You are currently viewing 15 Unforgettable Images of Stars  The researchers…

15 Unforgettable Images of Stars The researchers…

Some really interesting scientific research has come out about the origins of gold. According to a few of those scientists, it can be traced back to a star collision.

Live Science said, "In a new study published May 1 in the journal Nature, the duo analyzed the remnants of radioactive isotopes, or versions of molecules with different numbers of neutrons, in a very old meteorite."

Over long periods of time, the results of collisions like these might result in heavy elements like gold. 

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